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Who Are We?

We are a brand and marketing consultancy driven to help businesses looking to build, refresh or reshape their marketing strategies for accelerated growth. 

When you combine today’s skeptical, savvy consumers with a competitive marketplace and complex technology, building an effective marketing strategy to drive your business forward can feel like solving a Rubik's cube. The trick is digging deep to find the crux of those challenges and applying proven methodologies to unearth the solution. Sounds scary, but that’s where Cruxology Marketing comes in - well, we can't solve a Rubik's cube, but we can help you build effective marketing strategies!

Data and Information Are Key

You wouldn't spend tens of thousands on a car without doing some research and digging for information to find the right car, would you? Same goes for spending money on your marketing plan!


Sound strategy of any kind begins with data points and information. That's why understanding your business, vision, audience and competitors through robust research and data are paramount to successful strategy. We can help you identify any data gaps to fill and analyze your data for meaningful insights to build your strategy upon. 

Creativity Goes Beyond Design

One of the most common phrases we hear is "be creative and think outside the box." But being creative and thinking outside the box aren't just about making something look good. Creativity starts much earlier in the process and permeates all aspects of innovation, strategy, problem solving and more. 


To us, in order to think outside the box to create something new or unique, we have to first understand the parameters of the box - even if that box seems like more of a bag that is constantly changing shapes. Have no fear, we'll build creativity into everything we do so that when it comes time to make your brand look good, it's intentionally beautiful.

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Lindsay Sloan, Director of Marketing

“Melissa has a keen ability to view strategy needs at a macro level, bringing clarity to value propositions and then translating those to effective messaging for the market that drives plentiful leads for the business. With Melissa's leadership and partnership, we successfully launched a new product and we refreshed strategy for others playing in mature marketplaces.”
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We'd love to work with you.

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