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Welcome to the Cruxology Consult Blog!

This is the inaugural blog post for Cruxology Consult! In a marketing world where it's been asserted that "Blogs are dead!", and "You'll never make money on it!", I've been asked why on earth would I start a blog?

Blogs are not dead

So in general, I would say that I strongly disagree that blogs are dead and that people can't make money off of them. They have certainly evolved over time to include more video and the ability to make income off them has declined some, but dead? No. And sources like Forbes and Indeed agree. Now do I want to make money off of this blog as a full time blogger? No. That's not my intent whatsoever.

My purpose

While I may be a glutton for punishment because blogs are work to maintain, I would say that the purpose of this blog is multi-faceted. Transparently, some reasons are selfish for doing it, but others are to be helpful to customers and potential customers.

With Cruxology Consult, I want to:

  • Discuss brand and marketing topics that I find interesting (maybe even topics less related but still interesting to consider)

  • Try to help my website remain relevant because blogs are a known entity to help boost SEO 

  • Help readers consider branding and marketing in a different light

  • Help clients and potential clients take their business to the next level as a result of thinking differently about branding and marketing

Will I be able to blog multiple times each week? Absolutely not - my sanity is important to me. But I am aiming for once a week or every other week. We'll see how that goes.

Stay tuned!

In the coming weeks I'll have content specific to brand and marketing that will hopefully be interesting to you and yours.

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